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Zamioculcus Zamiifolia (ZZ)

Zamioculcus Zamiifolia (ZZ)

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ZZ are one of my personal favourite house plants as they can be put pretty much anywhere and will probably be fine! ZZ are super tolerant of low-light and do not have any specific humidity requirements; they also only need watering around once every 3 weeks in the peak of growing season and even less for the rest of the year. A neglectful plant parent's dream! 

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  • Water: Once potting mix has fully dried out. Prefers to be bottom watered using a tray or saucer. ZZ do not need very much water as this will cause the stem to rot. 
  • Light: Bright-medium indirect light. Will tolerate low light. 
  • Temperature/Humidity: Non fussy about humidity. Keep temperatures above 10°C.
  • Pets: Can cause an allergic reaction in animals and humans. Keep out of reach of fluffy friends and children!
  • Feeding: Feed once a month in growing season (Spring & Summer) using a diluted liquid plant food. Do not feed unless the plant is actively growing. 

Pot size: 14cm

Height: 65cm

Please note: All plants are provided in a plastic nursery pot. Any outer decorative pots photographed are for illustration purposes. This plant is not for consumption.