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'Pointy Pals' Potting Mix
'Pointy Pals' Potting Mix
'Pointy Pals' Potting Mix

'Pointy Pals' Potting Mix

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Plant needing a repot? We got you! 

'Pointy Pals' mix perfect for cacti, succulents, sansevieria, ZZ and other arid or drier plant species. 

Our mixes are 100% peat free and packaged using biodegradable PLA. 

Hand mixed with: 

- Coco coir
An environmentally conscious alternative to peat-based products that are difficult to produce sustainably due to over-harvesting of peat bogs. Coco coir is a natural waste product, using the part of the coconut that would usually be disposed of. Provides the main basis to the soil mix and is known for having excellent drainage properties! 

- Horticultural Sand

Perfect for our more arid species who are used to living in desert like, dry conditions. Horticultural sand provides an extra layer of aeration to the mix to allow the water to drain through more easily. These types of plants are very susceptible to over-watering so this works to prevent that from happening! 


- Perlite
Made from pieces of volcanic glass that are heated until they pop - providing an expanded lightweight granule. Gives aeration to the mix as well as aiding in water retention. Perlite is also amazing as a propogation tool! 

- Worm castings 
A super effective natural fertiliser that is a byproduct of worms breaking down natural materials - it is effectively worm poop! Worm castings make your plants healthier and stronger, leading to higher rates of root growth and increased resistance to pests and disease. 

- Horticultural charcoal
Acts as a soil conditioner, ridding the soil of toxins and aiding the roots in uptaking nutrients. Charcoal is also extremely porous so can help absorb any over-watering blunders! 


5L bag - Suitable for repotting approx 8 x 12cm pots


'Pointy Pals' Potting Mix