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Maranta Fascinator Tricolour (Prayer plant)

Maranta Fascinator Tricolour (Prayer plant)

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These striking beauties have dark green leaves with hot pink stripes running through them. They have very similar care needs to the calathea 'prayer plant' family, and can be seen opening and closing their leaves from day to night. 

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  • Water: Keep soil slightly damp, not wet. 
  • Light: Bright, indirect light. Tolerant of light shade.
  • Temperature/Humidity: Likes a warm, humid environment, ideally temperatures above 18°C and high humidity. Mist regularly. 
  • Pets: Pet friendly :)
  • Feeding: Feed once a month during growing season (Spring & Summer) using liquid plant food. 

Pot size: 6cm

Height: 20cm

Please note: All plants are provided in a plastic nursery pot. Any outer decorative pots photographed are for illustration purposes. This plant is not for consumption.