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Epipremnum Aureum (Golden Pothos) - Moss Pole

Epipremnum Aureum (Golden Pothos) - Moss Pole

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From my experience, pothos are literally the easiest plants in the world to care for! I love them all wild and trailing but they look equally as good if trained to climb a wall or moss pole. It tolerates most light conditions, doesn't need too much feeding or watering and is un-fussy about temperatures and humidity. If you don't own one of these already, what are you waiting for? 


Water: When the top two inches of soil are dry. 

Light: Will tolerate low light, bright light - whatever you have on offer! Growth will be faster in bright-medium indirect light. 

Temperature/Humidity: Likes a bit of moisture - bathrooms (if they have a window) are a great place to keep them. Likes a misting every now and again! 

Pets: Toxic if eaten. Keep out of reach of furry friends and children. 

Feeding: Feed once a month during growing season (Spring & Summer) using liquid plant food. 

Pot size: 21cm

Plant height: 100cm

Please note: All plants are provided in a plastic nursery pot. Any outer decorative pots photographed are for illustration purposes. This plant is not for consumption.