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Ctenanthe Burle Marxii 'Amagris'

Ctenanthe Burle Marxii 'Amagris'

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These striking beauties have a light green almost mint coloured leaf with a purple underside. They have very similar care needs to the calathea 'prayer plant' family, and can be seen opening and closing their leaves from day to night. 

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Natural 'Rowan' Lined Basket

  • Water: Allow the top inch to dry out between waterings. The rest of the soil should be kept damp but not wet! 
  • Light: Likes bright, indirect sunlight. Dust the leaves regularly with a damp cloth to ensure the sunlight can be absorbed.
  • Temperature/Humidity: Likes a warm, humid environment, ideally temperatures above 18°C and high humidity. Mist regularly. 
  • Pets: Toxic if eaten. Keep out of reach of furry friends and children. 
  • Feeding: Feed once a month during growing season (Spring & Summer) using liquid plant food. 

Pot size: 13cm

Height: 45-50cm

Please note: All plants are provided in a plastic nursery pot. Any outer decorative pots photographed are for illustration purposes. This plant is not for consumption.